District/Other Assessments

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In addition to the State required assessments, students with disabilities should be included in any other district testing.  It is important that the ARD Committee, which includes you, discuss these other assessments. 


Where can you find these other assessments?  You can ask at the ARD committee meeting about other testing that students at your child’s grade level take.  Often, the required tests will be listed on your child’s IEP assessment page. 


As a member of the ARD Committee, it is important to ensure that your child participate in these assessments, with or without accommodations.  Sometimes accommodations are not allowed because they may invalidate the test.  If you, and the rest of the committee, decide that an assessment is not applicable, a box will be checked N/A next to those assessments.  It is very important that you be involved in the decision making around other district testing. 


Why are district and other assessments important?  These assessments help teachers determine if the student is at risk for dyslexia, other reading difficulties, or other learning disabilities. The results of these assessments help the teachers implement accelerated instruction programs that address specific deficiencies. You should be notified of the test results and of any accelerated instruction program that may implemented.


Other Required District Assessments


Kindergarten Reading Assessment


First Grade Reading Assessment


Second Grade Reading Assessment


Beginning of Seventh Grade Reading Assessment for students who did not meet passing standards on the Grade 6 statewide reading assessment.  Note: The ARD or 504 Committee for each student who was administered an alternate form of the state assessment in reading may decide if the assessment is appropriate for each student.  If the student in Grade 7 does not have a score for the statewide reading assessment in Grade 6, the student may be given an equivalent comprehension assessment.  If that student does not meet the passing standard, then the student must be given the Texas Middle School Fluency Assessment and/or an alternate diagnostic reading instrument approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  The school district must provide extra reading instruction and intervention to each student in Grade 7 who did not meet the passing standard on the Grade 6 state reading assessment.



Physical Fitness Assessment for students in Grade 3 and above.


Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System – To assess the progress that English Language Learners (ELL) are making in learning the English language.



Other District Assessments


These tests may or may not be given in your district. They are not required. Often you can go to your district’s local assessment calendar to see what tests are given at respective grade levels.   They may be called by other names in your district.


  • Subject Benchmark Test
  • Curriculum Based Assessments (CBA)
  • District Learning Assessments (DLA)
  • TPRI (Texas Primary Reading Inventory)
  • DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment)
  • Cumulative Formative Assessments
  • Nationally normed, standardized achievement or aptitude test (NAEP, MAP, IAAT, CogAT, Stanford, etc.)
  • Career Readiness Assessments (Kuder, WorkKeys, TEXASGenuine, etc.)
  • College Preparation Assessments (PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, TSI, etc.)



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