State Funded Pre-Kindergarten

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If your child is eligible for Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities (PPCD), you may consider placement in a pre-kindergarten program offered in many Texas school districts.  Texas funds half-day pre-kindergarten programs in districts which have 15 or more four-year-olds who:

  • Are unable to speak or understand English; Are educationally disadvantaged (eligible for the free/reduced lunch program);
  • Are homeless;
  • Have parents serving in active military duty, in an activated reserve unit, or who were killed or wounded in action; or
  • Are in or who have ever been in Foster Care (i.e., Texas Department of Family and Protective Services conservatorship)*


School districts may draw on other funding sources to provide a full-day program or open the program to three-year-olds.  Additional funding sources may also be used to include preschoolers with disabilities.  Some school districts partner with local Head Start programs and community daycare providers.


Pre-Kindergarten programs are designed to help at-risk preschoolers develop the skills they need to be successful when they reach public school.  Emphasis is on language development, pre-reading and mathematics, and social skills.  Like Head Start, state-funded pre-kindergarten programs can provide the inclusive programming that benefits children both with and without disabilities. 


To find out if there is a pre-kindergarten program available in your school district, contact your neighborhood school or your district’s administration office.


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