Parental consent

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Once the school decides on what action to take, the school must inform parents in writing (in parent’s native language) of such planned action before taking it.  For example, the school must send parents a notice in writing of their recommendation for a Full Initial and Individual Evaluation (FIE) before completing such evaluation.  Also included in this notice is a parental consent for evaluation.


You should only sign the consent if you wish to have your child evaluated in all areas where he or she may have a disability. This includes health, vision, hearing, social-emotional, general intelligence, academic performance, communication, and physical abilities.


Please also know that you have the right to ask the district to provide the names of all test(s) that will be used.  Knowing this information allows parents to ensure that the evaluators are using valid and reliable assessments.  At the request of a parent and prior to a parent’s consent for a psychological examination or test, a school district shall provide to the child’s parent:

  • the name and type of examination or test; and
  • an explanation of how the examination or test will be used to develop appropriate individualized education program (IEP) for the child.


Parents are expected to sign parental consent only when in agreement with the schools recommendation.


If you decide not to have your child evaluated, the school district can disagree with your decision.  The school district also has due process rights.  The school can use its right to get permission for the evaluation from the Texas Education Agency.


Once the school receives signed parental consent, they must complete a Full Initial and Individual Evaluation (FIE) within 45 school days of receiving the consent (with some exceptions).  Be advised, if you don’t give written permission for evaluation, the 45 -day time-frame might not begin.  If you consent to evaluation, be sure to give this written consent in a timely manner. 


Additional Evaluations/Reevaluations


If additional evaluations are needed for the purpose of determining a child’s need for special education after the parent’s initial consent, the district must seek new parent consent.  The district must inform the parent why the additional evaluation is needed.



What parents need to remember

  • Always keep copies of ALL written documents for your records.
  • You have the right to ask what examinations or tests will be used and how they will be used to develop the individualized education program (IEP).
  • The school must have your written consent before completing any evaluation.
  • You have due process rights in every step of the special education process.





Legal Framework for the Child Centered Process – Consent Frameworks:



Evaluation Procedures – From the TARGET Manual by the Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism – While the information provided is specific in relation to students with autism, ANY parent can use the information to learn about the variety of assessments available


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