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STAAR Online is an accommodated version of STAAR.  It is offered as an online test in the same grades and subjects as STAAR. The passing standards for STAAR Online are the same as any STAAR test.  STAAR Online will have embedded supports designed to help students with disabilities access the content being tested. These embedded supports include:

  • visual aids,
  • graphic organizers,
  • clarifications of terms that are not related to concepts being tested, and
  • the ability for text-to-speech.

Students receiving the following services may be administered STAAR Online in one or more subjects:

  • Students with identified disabilities who are receiving special education services
  • Students identified with dyslexia or a related disorder (as defined in Texas Education Code §38.003) and are receiving Section 504 services

To be eligible to participate in STAAR Online for a particular subject, TWO OR MORE accommodations must be checked in that subject.  If fewer than two are checked, your child cannot take the STAAR Online for that subject.  Examples of some of the accommodations are:

  • Preview text
  • Clarification or rewording
  • Direct student attention to specific information
  • Scaffold steps in process or understanding of open-ended questions
  • Use of writing process checklist
  • Use of graphic organizers
  • Identification of formulas
  • Reading support

Taking the STAAR Online test should not be based solely on your child’s disability label, placement or previous performance on a state test. 

Allowable accommodations MUST be listed in your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP) and used on a regular basis in the classroom. 

What if STAAR or STAAR Online are not the right tests for my child? 

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