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mother and child with disabilities

In this section, you will find helpful tools that explain the special education process.  You will also find what we consider to be most important, tools to establish successful relationships and effectively communicate.  One of the early lessons that we learned as parents was that the relationship between families and schools is much like a marriage.  It is long lasting, requires attention and is well worth the effort in the end. 

Understanding how the special education process works and having a commitment to working with the team that will educate your child is the best way to insure positive results.  

Our goal is to provide you with accurate and consistent information, in easy to understand language and to also give you practical information about what works.
Texas Project FIRST Tools:

More Texas Project FIRST Tools:

  • Frequently Asked Questions:  Find the answers to questions that parents often ask about special education and other topics regarding children with disabilities. 
  • Glossary of Terms and Acronyms:   What do all those terms mean?  Find definitions of special education terms; as well as a listing of special education acronyms, often referred to as “Alphabet Soup.”  Special Education jargon can seem like a foreign language! 
  • Links to Resources:  A guide to more great resources.  Links to organizations, training opportunities, websites and publications are listed here to direct you to more sources of information.


Please note that there are many sources of information available to inform parents about special education supports and services.  Our goal in developing Texas Project FIRST is to provide families with accurate and consistent information.  Understanding the process and knowing where to find more information when you need it, is the reason Texas Project FIRST exists.



Texas Project FIRST is an activity of the Texas Continuing Improvement Process (TCIP) under the auspices of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and Region 9 Education Service Center, and is focused on helping to fulfill the goals of TEA and the Parent Training Committee

Special Education Information Center: 1-855-SPEDTEX (1-855-773-3839)

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